• Why

    Our mission is to spread the knowledge and practice of Vibroacoustics and its numerous applications, to enhance well-being and promote health, through the powerful impact of sound and sonic vibration.

  • Training

    Our school is led by Jorge Zain, an Argentine Music Therapist with over 20 years of experience and dedication to this discipline, who has been a pioneer in the development of Vibroacoustics in Latin America.

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JULY 6- 10 to 12.30 hs. €60 to €80

Sound Vibration Healing - Workshop 1

Learn the basic techniques to play Tibetan bowls and start benefiting from their soothing and transformative sound. No previous knowledge or owning a bowl is required.

Uccle, Brussels


JULY 6 - 15 to 18.30 hs. €60 to €80

Sound Vibration Healing - Workshop 2

This session dives deeper into the techniques of transferring Sound Vibration to the body through Vibroacoustic Tibetan bowls. Here, participants will explore and master the methods required to effectively utilize these instruments to enhance well-being and therapeutic outcomes.

Uccle, Brussels



Sound Vibration Healing Techniques

This two-day event will delve into the effective methods of transferring sound vibrations using Tibetan bowls and Viset devices, a pioneering technology in the field of Sound Vibration Healing. Participants will gain hands-on experience and deepen their understanding of how these tools can be used to enhance well-being, manage stress, and promote holistic health.

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